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The Village Characterbuilding Meme!

(A part of our worldbuilding workshop and pre-nano series. Reblog and have your followers prompt you with numbers, or just answer as many as you’d like at your leisure! See more memes here.)

Your Character!

Your character’s name:

  1. What name was your character born as? What do they prefer to go by? How would they react to anyone trying to act differently?

2.     Where is your character living in, and where is your character from? What do the people of that area normally dress like? Does your character follow this, or do they have a different idea in mind?

3.     If someone forgot your character’s name, and had to refer to them by a physical body part (hey, kid with the big ears!) , what would they choose? What about a non-physical trait (hey, kid with the lisp!)?

4.     Stereotypes are rumored to have come from truth. What social stereotype (either an in world one or a reality based one) would someone else peg your character for? What about your character would change their mind?

5.     What profession from “reality” would your character choose? If your character already has a profession from “reality”, what DnD class would they choose for themselves? What superpower would they pick?

(Bonus question: What would their best friend, significant other or nemesis pick for them?)

6.     Character quirks are often fun to write, but they become even more compelling when there is something deeper behind them. Name some habits or physical quirks your character has (odd scars, whistling while nervous). How did they develop them? What is the biggest way it has affected or could affect their life?

7.     What song would be your character’s theme song? Try thinking beyond what their favorite song would be, or what your favorite songs or genres are (although if the shoe fits, stick it on!)


8.     What type of education or training has your character received? What did they study or learn by choice, and what were they required or forced to do? If your character was caught playing hooky from their education, what would they be doing instead?

9.      In which ways is your character wealthy? (monetary wealth, experience, relationships). In which ways are they poor?

10. What social or personal current issue is your character most passionate about? What is their most surprising or unexpected opinion on an issue? What do they think of people who disagree with them? 

11. How would your character explain the world to you? Do they see their surroundings through a religious or spiritual lens, or are they more based in a literal interpretation? Are they more optimistic or pessimistic about their surroundings?

12. Pretend your character had their own modern bedroom or dorm room as a child or a teenager. What kind of posters or things would they have decorated it with (pretending they’re in a world where such conventions exist)?

13. Say your character suddenly had no other obligations, a month’s worth of free time, and unlimited money and resources. What would they do with their time? Would they even like this arrangement?

Inward Thoughts

14. What is your character’s most embarrassing or most dangerous secret? How far would they go to protect that secret? What could cause them to give it up?

15. If someone were to make your character’s story into a parable, what would the moral be? If your character’s story were turned into the world’s mythology, what kind of god or creature would your character serve as?

16. Your character is suddenly put under a lot of unexpected stress. How do they treat others and treat themselves during this time? What is their reaction to a life or death situation?

17. Someone gives your character the opportunity to see how they will die. Do they take it? What would they hope for? What would they fear they would get?

18. Your character is put in a room 101 situation (a room where the character is tortured specifically by their worst fears and nightmares). What would they be subjected to? Would there be any circumstance where they wouldn’t succumb to the torture?

19. In stories, many heroes (or even villains) find themselves trying to redeem some sort of destructive action they directly or indirectly caused (the death of a friend, the destruction of their hometown, destroying a relationship). What haunts or guilts your character? Are they trying to redeem themselves, and to whom?

20. What memory or moment is your character most proud of? What is a time in their life where they have done something they believed to be exceptionally good or moral? What is the coolest thing they think they’ve ever done?

Your Character and Others

21. Who has your character loved? In what way have they loved them? Who was their first “love”? Who has loved your character?

22. Your character has a romantic other who proposes marriage or partnership to them in an extremely outlandish, unexpected and public way. How does your character react? How does your character actually feel? If they were to propose to someone, how would they do it?

23. Name some of your character’s relatives (even ones that they don’t necessarily know exist or have a close relationship with). In what ways (either directly or indirectly) have they affected your character’s life?

24. Your character gets asked or nominated to do something they’re uncomfortable with by someone they respect. What in particular could make them uncomfortable? How would they react to the nomination? Would there be something in particular that could convince them otherwise?

25. If you were to turn any non-human or non-living thing (an animal, an object, a landmark) into a same-species companion for your character, what would it be? (A rabbit would make a particularly bouncy and timid friend, your character’s home town may make for a friend that reminds them of home and their childhood).

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