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Pre-Nano Workshops With The Village

So recently, The Village hosted a panel on worldbuilding and characterbuilding, in which we had a really productive workshop with an attendee’s original story. While we hope to panel again in the future, we’re hankering to share what we came up with with the Internet, and what better time to do it than on Worldbuilding Wednesdays and almost a month before NaNoWriMo

For the remainder of September and for October, we’ll post a new article, meme or questionnaire on worldbuilding, character creation, or writing every Wednesday to help you get your world, your characters, and your novel in gear. Feel free to fill out anything for any world or characters (Nano or not) that you see fit, and share your answers with us, your friends, the whole Tumblrverse, or even just your harddrive.

 (Also, we encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts with us!)

Week One: Worldbuilding Meme

Week Two: Character Building Meme

Week Three: Jumpstart Your World!

Week Four: Jumpstart Your Character!

Week Five: Evil Edition

Week Six: Mid-Nano Emergency Kit

Week Seven: Nano Kickoff Inspiration

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